Systematic Review

systematic reviews

Epidemiological estimates are based on the review of the information available on the internet and other sources. The results were used to back up project proposals with the best epidemiological estimates on the incidence, prevalence and mortality for specific diseases, evidence on the effectiveness of specific interventions; and methodological issues to be tackled to use measurement instruments properly.

Examples include the following:

(a) A systematic review of the etiology of multiple sclerosis.

(b) An epidemiological profile of the South African district of Umzinyathi. This was based on a review of published data and it was carried out as part of the preparation process of a new health project in this district.

(c) A review on methodological issues related to verbal autopsies. This was based on a review of the literature.  The main issue was to understand how feasible it was to allow Health Extension Workers in using VA to assign causes of death in Ethiopia. The review was done for the Ethiopian Ministry of Health as part of the preparation of a new Health Project to be funded by the Italian Development Cooperation.