health management information system

In 1985 I was involved in the planning and implementation of a PHC Review in the Sidamo Region. This was based on the application of the methodology used by WHO at that time, which included a household survey and an assessment of the health services. The household survey was organized according to a 30-cluster sampling with probability proportional to size. Anthropometric indicators were collected on children under the age of five and information was gathered on morbidity, mortality and access to services. The survey collected information on a representative sample of hospital and clinics in the region to assess their infrastructure, equipment and supplies and the services they were providing. The results were used to update the status of child health and the access to services.

I returned in Ethiopia with the between March 2009 and December 2010. I provided technical assistance to the Federal Ministry of Health to analyse the data coming from the health management information systems.

Achievements included:
• Production of quarterly and annual indicators to monitor the Ethiopian Health Sector Development Programme III;
• Analysis of the hospital performance;
• Contribution to the Quarterly Health Bulletins, a publication of the FMOH Federal Ministry of Health; and
• Survival Analysis of a cohort of AIDS orphans.