World Bank projects

Between 1995 and 1998 I was involved in several World Bank missions to Malawi. This included the evaluation of Second Family Health Project and the supervision of the Health/Population/Nutrition (PHN) Sector Credit Project. This was one of the first credits with a sector wide approach, and it was pivotal in identifying advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls of this initial attempt to implement such an approach. Besides updating the project indicators.   I provided technical assistance in implementing individual project activities and in analysing surveys.   I was part of the preparation and negotiation of the Second HNP Project. I co-authored several sector reports on HIV/AIDS, Population and Family Planning and socioeconomic classification of the rural poor. I estimated the costs and benefits of delivering micronutrients supplementation and deworming through the school system. I successfully submitted operational research proposals through trust funds as part of the preparation of new Health and Nutrition projects.